Hi! Welcome to my blog where I will be talking about everything and anything having to do with college woooo. I’ll be sharing my experiences, what I’m learning, what I need to learn and everything else in between.

Along with blogging, I will also be uploading YouTube videos that are going to feature different topics having to do with the Oh-so-glamourous collegiate lifestyle. For example, one video will have topics that start with the letter “O,” and I will talk about organization, optimism, originality in the context of being a college student/ 20-something. However, I feel like that would get incredibly boring and redundant after some time, so I will also have my friends do some videos with me, try some YouTube tag videos and possibly talk about other things I’m interested in.

You can learn more about what I plan to do on YouTube here: FIRST VID EVER !!

On this blog I am going to either go more in-depth from my YouTube videos, or talk about something completely different from what I post on YouTube. For now, I’m just going to see how it goes and take it from there.





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