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Tips on How to Land an Internship in NYC

This summer I am so excited to intern for UNLEASHED by Kara Ross. It’s a profits with a  “purpose” company that empowers women through supporting non profits such as Dress for Success. This summer they are focused on launching sustainable, handmade blouses made by talented women in India. It creates a platform of jobs for the women while also promoting sustainable fashion.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 8.44.15 PM

I have planned on interning in New York City for as long as I could remember. Especially after going to school out in the middle of Western, New York, this was always my ultimate plan to break away from it all (for a summer at the least).

So, regarding applying for internships, let me tell you what I think I did wrong, what I could’ve done better and how I think I ended up here!

I found most internships I applied for, if not all, through It’s actually incredibly simple, which leaves some room for carelessness… But, I’ll get into that. When you get to the site homepage, all you have to do is type in keywords such as “summer internship” (however, it’s helpful to be a bit more specific), then choose a location (New York, New York). Then, boom– pages and pages of internships. When you click on an internship, there’s a short description that explains the company, hours, if it’s paid or not and other key information. Finally, you can apply simply by clicking “apply.” After uploading your resume once, you don’t have to keep uploading for each internship.


I think that because of it’s simplicity, it caused me to get in a sort of applying-for-internships-frenzy because it was SO easy. (Tip: it shouldn’t be easy– if it is, you’re not putting enough thought into it). Therefore, this leaves room for carelessness. There are so many internships available, it’s a bit overwhelming. In the beginning, I thought that I should apply to every single internship I thought somewhat fit into what I was looking for… I was so afraid of not getting anything so I put myself a bit too far out there… BAD IDEA. Today as I was sitting at the office for my first day I thought, Holy crap what if I was doing something I dreaded everyday?? Would it be worth it just to be in the city?? Answer: Nope. I rushed to write cover letters, and at times, they were blander than a saltine cracker. So, when applying, make sure to take your time, read through everything, and make sure your cover letter and resume are the best that they can be. I know that sounds obvious, but trust me when I tell you it’s easy to zone out and simply click “apply.”

After I realized that I was getting too caught up, I snapped out of it and started to write down everything that I was looking for in an internship and gave each application (few at this point) the time and focus that they require (a.k.a not rushing to do them in the middle of a lecture). After I took a week or so break to figure all of that out, I found the UNLEASHED posting and fell in love.

Your Resume and CV should mirror each other. In my opinion, (I’m obviously not an employer but), I’ve learned that by using the same fonts, colors, language, etc, shows that you can pay attention to detail and branding; which are always important to understand. For example, my name in the upper left corner is the same font and color purple I use for this blog, resume, portfolio, etc. I’m not going to get into what your CV should include. Although, it should definitely include at least one thing that really makes you stand out (I know that sounds so obvious but it can be harder than you think!). I started this blog/ YouTube channel in January and was hesitant to put it in any application because I felt that I didn’t have enough content, and wasn’t sure if an employer would appreciate it. However, reading through my old cover letters, I sounded so average; editor of magazine blah blah, marketing intern blah blah. There was nothing that clearly showed what I’m passionate about or anything that reflected who I am. Two of my biggest regrets are: 1) Not creating a blog earlier and 2) After I created one, not including it in applications!

It is 2017– your resume no longer needs to be black & white and Times New Roman font. Everyone is stepping up their game, especially in marketing and media industries. Of course if you are a biology major looking to be a doctor, your resume needs to reflect that. However, if you are someone in any kind of communication field your resume should have some flair and personality. I went to and created a resume that reflected this blog and my digital portfolio. Again, I used the same colors, fonts, and included my silly logo because, why not? I also included my social media handles and a photo of myself. Although including social media is controversial, I feel that my social media accurately reflects who I am and my self-brand as a communicator and marketer. Social media is already HUGE and it is going to continue to grow into an even bigger prevalence throughout work environments. So, why not take advantage of it now and use it to promote yourself to a prospective employer?– Especially in marketing!!

Lastly, be confident. I can’t express how important it is to be confident and positive throughout the whole process. If you don’t feel confident, then just fake it ’til you make it. 🙂


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