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Living at NYU = The Move

When I got my internship, the next step was figuring out where to live. I went back and forth trying to decide if I should live on Long Island with family and commute, or go on a hunt for an apartment to sublet for the summer. I considered all pros and cons– how much, convenience, etc. I ended up making the decision that living in the city for the summer would be the best option. I went on every site you could imagine finding a suitable apartment for the summer… and let me tell you, I did not find much. Three things were important to me in my search: safety, location and price (pretty obvious).

I don’t know how else to describe the process, but finding a temp apartment to sublet is somewhat… sketchy, at least in my experience. Unless you actually know the person, like if they would be away for the summer, or you have mutual friends– go for it. However, when you sublet an apartment, you’re probably going to pay a broker’s fee, worry about utilities and etc, living in someone else’s space, blah blah you get the point. There are so many things involved and it can be incredibly stressful.

Literally me on the phone with my mom every night. 

After asking tons of people about living in NYC, where to live, who to go through to look for an apartment, most everyone suggested living at NYU. Each summer, NYU opens op their dorms and apartments to non-affiliated NYU people to stay in them. You can choose how many weeks, and move in anytime from May 22 to August 13 (2017). There are different amounts available to pay each week, starting at $204 for a non-air-conditioned dorm room, to $349 for an apartment-style space (You can check it out at I chose to live in an air-conditioned dorm (God knows I cannot handle living with no AC. Side note: NYC gets very hot in the summer, living without AC is not something I would recommend. However, I know some people are totally fine with it).

Secondly, NYU is extremely secure. You’re given an ID card and need that to enter the lobby of the dorms, along with a keypad password. And, obviously, a key to get into your room. If someone wants to bring in guest(s) they each have to be signed in and there is a maximum of how long they can stay, how many people can be signed in each month, etc. There’s also a security guard in the lobby 24/7. Not to say that NYC is some big dangerous place and that living in an apartment would be considered unsafe, but it’s nice to know that you’re living somewhere with high security.

Thirdly and most importantly (in my opinion), are the dining hall options. If you choose to live in a dorm, you receive a meal plan of 8 meals per week and $30 in “dining dollars” (I’ll get into that in a sec). Since it’s a requirement (lowest $145 per week), I thought it would be kind of a bummer having to pay that extra amount. I am a picky eater, and I HATE my dining hall at school. However, it hasn’t turned out to be so bad– I mean, it’s a dining hall. There are a decent amount of options and I’ve never needed more that 8 meals. Although, you can upgrade the plan if you feel the need to.

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The dining dollars can be used at a Starbucks, a market place, Dunkin’ Donuts and a cafe. If you don’t use the $30 then the remaining amount rolls over into the next week (but, the 8 meal swipes don’t). However, you can go to the marketplace and buy an iced coffee, something like a sandwich or a muffin, and a piece of fruit and it counts as a meal swipe. It’s clutch—you just have to figure out to finesse it the right way.


I’m living in Brittany Hall, which is on 10th and Broadway. For me, the location couldn’t have been better. The R,N,W and Q trains are only 2 blocks away and I’m only 3 stops away from my internship. Union Square Park station and Astor Place are also only 4 blocks away. I also feel like I’ve come to love this area (Greenwich Village). It’s more quiet, trendy and lots of young people. However, all my favorite stores are literally within a five to ten-minute walking distance and it’s been a struggle not to spend every cent that I have. Brittany Hall is also right across from a Dry Bar… I am a blowout fiend and THAT is where I spend too much money. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ AND the amount of cute dogs walking around is one of the best things ever.


I am living in a suite-style room that’s a double and triple with a shared bathroom. I’m in the double with one of my roomies from school (you can request to live with who you want—which is great). The triple is right next door and it’s actually quite big. There is SO MUCH closet space which is incredible. Marissa and I (my roommate) have a walk-in closet right outside our room woohoo.

Basically, living at NYU = the move and I can’t imagine living anywhere else in NYC while interning.


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