Summer Faves ☼

This summer I have tried so many new things and now I have a TON of new favorite products and snacks. Living in the city, I spent way too much money– but what can I say, I enjoy trying new things. 🙂

1.Glossier Lip Gloss

I absolutely love lipgloss and will probably have glossy lips on my deathbed. I’ve always worn color or gloss on my lips– it’s honestly to the point where I can never NOT have on lipgloss. It’s an addiction. Remember Lip Venom from Urban Decay? Sophomore year of high school I went through three tubes in less than six months. Why? I swear it was like an addiction… It has since been discontinued.. hm.

Anyways, this Glossier lip gloss lives up to all of the hype. One day after work I went to the showroom near Canal Street in SoHo. It was blazing hot but I just had to test out this lipgloss before I bought it. I watched countless makeup tutorials and everyone raved about it. After waiting in line for about 20 minutes, my forehead was glossier than the lipgloss by the time I got up there. But, it was worth it. The lipgloss is hands-down the best lipgloss I’ve had in a long time– and I’ve had a few dozen. It’s light, natural, stays on forever and the applicator is pure perfection. Can you tell I’m obsessed?

2. Light color gel mani


During school I never get a gel manicure because 1. It’s too expensive and 2. I don’t have the time. However, I always find myself getting them during the summer. Since working with jewelry this summer, sometimes we have to take pictures of our hands wearing rings and bracelets. My nails grow ridiculously fast and my polish always chips. So, I’ve been getting gel manicures about every 2-3 weeks. I get mine done on Long Island and it’s only about $30, which is completely worth it to me. However, getting a gel mani, I wouldn’t recommend getting a dark color. The light, summery colors always seem to look the best and the shiniest. 🙂

3. Statement rings

Henri Bedel Ring (60 % off woohoo)

I have fallen in love with rings this summer. Probably mostly because I saw so many beautiful rings at my internship every day, but they’re just so simple and elegant. Something about having a perfect manicure and pretty sparkly rings makes me feel like my outfit has just been turned up a few notches. I found so many cool stackable rings at Chelsea Market and particularly love the jewelry line BoBo Jewelry LA. However, UNLEASHED just launched a collection of BEAUTIFUL ethically-mined diamond and plated metal jewelry– those rings are my favorite!!

4. Cheddar Clouds


I found these while I was on a hunt for a late-night salty snack crave. I went into some random market and picked these up. Honestly, I think it was just because the bag was purple and I wanted something quick. I have always loved cheetos and cheesy, puffy snacks. These are literally Cheetos but slightly better for you. There’s not much more I can say about them other than you NEED to try them.

5. Brandy Melville


Brandy Melville: You either love it or you hate it. I’ve been shopping at Brandy since at least freshman year of high school. Going to a high school with a uniform, the soft, casual tee’s and shorts were the only thing I wanted to change into after school. From knits to trendy pants, there’s an awesome balance between basic, necessary clothing items, to trendy and going-out type of clothes. Over the years, I’ve worn shirts and sweaters that I’ve bought over and over again, showing no signs of wear or tear. Between the comfort and the cute styles—you just can’t beat it. Not to mention how easy it is shopping there, one-size fits all is super convenient (also dangerous because I literally grab everything). This has been an absolute summer fave because there was a location a few blocks from where I lived, and I made sure to stop at the two in Soho as well (they carry different merchandise at each location). Oh, and the stickers are super cool (yea, I guess I’m basic).

6. Quay Sunglasses

I came across Quay while I was shopping at a random boutique. I’ve heard of the brand before but never thought about going out of my way to buy a pair (especially since you usually must order them online). I’m an impulsive spender and if I see something I like and I have enough money to pay for it– then you bet I’m going to buy it. This is definitely not a great habit. However, over the years, I’ve realized that I’ve made some of my favorite purchases through impulsive shopping; Quay sunglasses has been one of them. I love RayBans and the brand will always have my heart. However, Quay is so much more affordable and are perfect for a simple, trendy look. If you scroll through my Instagram, you can see that I literally only wore these sunglasses the whole summer. They look chic and made some of my summer outfits go from zero to one hundred.

7. The Woman in Cabin 10


You know when you’re just craving a nice, solid, good book? I was actually getting frustrated trying to find a book that kept me sucked in. So, I went to the New York Times Bestseller list and picked out whichever was number 1 (I can’t remember which category it was under, I think fiction maybe?). This book did not disappoint. It was perfect for reading while on the train, in the park or wherever because it was one of those reads you did NOT want to put down. It lived up to the reviews and definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. The way Ruth Ware writes is right up my alley– detailed, yet to the point. She never lingered on and on; perfectly concise. Next, I’m going to read her other bestseller, “The Lying Game.”

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